© Lynne Chapman


Core project team at the University of York:

Professor Sarah Nettleton (Principal Investigator)
Dr Christina Buse (Principal Researcher)
Dr Daryl Martin (Co Investigator)

Collaborators in the development of the Building for Care website:

Mikaela Patrick and Dr Chris McGinley (Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art)

Wider project team:

Professor Ellen Annandale, University of York
Dr Sian Beynon-Jones, University of York
Professor Lindsay Prior, Queen’s University, Belfast
Professor Julia Twigg, University of Kent
Ms Lynne Chapman, independent graphic artist



We are grateful to the following for their invaluable advice and support at various stages throughout the research project: Kerstin Bergendal, University of Gothenburg; Garuth Chalfont, C4AR – Centre for Ageing Research, Lancaster University; DWA Architects; Steve Frazer, Landscape Architect at Enzygo; Roger Maier, CEAD Architects; April Marsden, DarntonB3 Architecture; Iain Murphy, Acanthus Derbyshire Architects; Paul Musgrove, Brunelcare; P+HS Architects (in particular Ben Hellawell); Lesley Palmer, INCH Architecture and Design; Penoyre and Prasad (in particular, to Richard Schunemann); Karl Redmond, Rider Levett Bucknall; Willmott Dixon (in particular Ian Fletcher).

We are especially grateful to Mel Fairbourne-Varley of DWA Architects who was instrumental in the development of the research project, and who died in 2015.

Thanks also to all those who participated in the research who we cannot name for issues of confidentiality.

The study benefited from advice from the members of the Project Advisory Group: Professor Rhidian Hughes (private consultant, care sector); Rosalynd Jowett (Patients Association); Alan Lewis (University of Manchester); Dawn Lyon (University of Kent); Chris McGinley (Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design); Julienne Meyer (My Home Life); Sue Robertson (University of Brighton); Alan Rosenbach (private consultant, care sector); Pauline Stockmans (Allies and Morrison); John James Taylor (WYG); Richard Ward (DSDC, University of Stirling); Ken Worpole (Writer and Social Historian).

Thanks to Lynne Chapman for her fabulous in-situ illustrations www.lynnechapman.net 

Thanks to Peter Goodburn for contributing his images.